3 Day Residential 2023

Our Youth Residential Trip, 2023…What an adventure!

In August 2023, a group of 10 enthusiastic young individuals embarked on a transformative journey to Kingswood in Colomendy, North Wales, for an exhilarating three-day activity challenge. This residential experience offered them a unique opportunity to cultivate their independence, resilience, confidence, and motivation, all while fostering a deep respect for others through engaging in a series of dynamic team-building activities. In this safe and supportive environment, these young minds had the chance to expand their skillsets, and for those interested, to learn and apply British Sign Language (BSL) and enhance their awareness of the deaf community.

Throughout these action-packed three days, participants engaged in a diverse array of team-building exercises and activities carefully designed to help them unlock their full potential and confront novel challenges head-on. These included:

Problem-Solving Activities: These tasks encouraged creative thinking and teamwork, pushing the participants to devise innovative solutions.

Leap of Faith: A thrilling activity that urged them to step out of their comfort zones, the Leap of Faith instilled self-assurance as they took daring leaps toward their goals.

Crate Stack: Participants stacked crates to towering heights, instilling trust in their teammates and themselves as they reached new heights.

Bushcraft and Fire Building: This activity equipped them with essential survival skills and showcased the power of collaboration as they learned to build fires together.

Scrap Heap Challenge: A test of resourcefulness and teamwork, this challenge pushed them to transform discarded materials into something functional and creative.

Archery: Precision and focus were the name of the game in archery, as they honed their aim and concentration.

Jacob’s Ladder: Scaling this daunting ladder fostered camaraderie and determination among the participants.

Each of these activities was thoughtfully designed to bolster their self-confidence and independence, leaving them with a profound sense of accomplishment. It’s crucial for young individuals to embrace their deafness, feeling empowered, self-assured, and capable of surmounting the unique challenges it presents. Regular interactions with other deaf children and role models serve as a vital catalyst in developing this positive deaf identity.

Moreover, to ensure effective communication and inclusion, trained sign language interpreters were on hand throughout the residential, facilitating seamless communication and enriching the experience for all participants. This commitment to inclusivity underscored the importance of embracing diversity and promoting a sense of belonging among the participants.

The three-day adventure in Colomendy was not just a series of activities; it was a life-altering experience that instilled resilience, self-belief, and a deep respect for others. It was a journey of empowerment, unity, and growth, where young individuals could proudly embrace their identities and confidently face the world’s challenges.

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“Matthew had a fabulous time, and gained so much confidence using BSL – many thanks for this opportunity”


“It was brilliant thank you for this opportunity”