Outreach Services

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Sarah Davidson
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Outreach Services

The Outreach Service works within the Boroughs of St Helens, Halton, and Knowsley, and Merseyside for the I CAN project, to promote the work of the organisation and to reach more isolated members of the D/deaf and Hard of hearing Community.

The aim of our Outreach Service is to

  • Ensure that D/deaf people and their families and carers have access to services and information.
  • To support their needs and promote inclusion.
  • To provide support to organisations.
  • To promote the services of DRC.

Support is provided to local self-help groups including St Helens Deaf Club, HOH Clubs, Tinnitus Support. The groups provide opportunities to socialise and share experiences with other D/deaf and Hard of Hearing people.

The Outreach Worker works closely with other organisations to facilitate extra activities including Art Courses, Healthy Cooking Courses, Dance Classes, trips out and Information forums on a bi-monthly basis. Please check our Social Media pages for updates.

The Befriending Scheme and Volunteer Scheme are also part of the Outreach Service.

We are keen to promote the work of the Deafness Resource Centre to as many audiences as possible, if you would like us to attend a group, event or activity in the local community then please contact us and we will be happy to be involved.

Please contact tanya.mcgibbon@deafnessresourcecentre.org or call 01744 23887

Outreach in Halton

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