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Equipment Services

What Are Environmental Aids?

They are types of equipment designed to support D/deaf people to live more independently in their homes, at work or on the move.

What Type of Equipment Is Available to Me?

There are different kinds of equipment available, dependent on your personal needs. For example, flashing doorbells to alert you to visitors, or loop systems to help you hear conversations or the television.

How Do I Get the Equipment?

If you live in St Helens or Halton, you may be eligible to receive equipment. It is important that your needs are assessed carefully so that you get the maximum benefit from any equipment you receive. If you are unable to get to the Deafness Resource Centre or Halton Sensory Services, we can arrange an appointment at your home.

Please note:
You may have someone with at your appointment if you would feel more comfortable.

What Happens Next?

At your appointment, you will be asked some questions about any difficulties you are having due to your hearing loss or deafness. You will then be shown a range of equipment that may help improve your situation. You get the opportunity to try the equipment and learn how to use it properly.

How Long Do I Wait for The Equipment?

We try to have most of the equipment in stock. However, if this is not possible, you should normally receive it within 28 days. Some of the equipment will need to be installed in your home by a qualified electrician. We will arrange this at the earliest possible date.

How Much Do I Pay?

There is a £20 voluntary Assessment Fee, then all Equipment is given FREE of charge on a long-term loan basis.

What Do You Expect from Me?

We expect you to keep the equipment in good working order and return it to the Deafness Resource Centre when it is no longer needed. It is important to tell us if your details or circumstances change.

What Can I Expect from The Deafness Resource Centre?

A confidential, friendly and professional service that meets your individual needs.