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Deaf Awareness and introduction to Basic BSL delivered to NHS staff


Southport Hospital have been gearing up for Sign Language Week following following an intensive Deaf Awareness session conducted this week.  Staff members from Southport hospital engaged in a comprehensive 4-hour session aimed at enhancing their understanding of the needs of the Deaf community and their D/deaf patients.

During the session, participants delved into the significance of having interpreters available during appointments, grasped the essentials of Deaf awareness, and even acquired some fundamental British Sign Language (BSL) skills.

Meanwhile, in Halton, over 100 staff members from NHS Cheshire & Merseyside immersed themselves in a taster session of Basic BSL awareness as part of the staffs Personal Learning Time. The initiative sought to familiarise participants with the services provided by Halton Sensory Service & Deafness Resource Centre to residents in Halton. Attendees also gained insights into better communication practices for patients who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Through engaging in lip-reading exercises, participants quickly realised the challenges associated with the skill, highlighting the value of BSL proficiency. Many expressed interest in further BSL training, with the Deafness Resource Centre (DRC) offering accredited Level 1 and Level 2 courses to meet this demand.

Support for Sign Language Week can be demonstrated by wearing turquoise blue, a color symbolizing unity, pride, and backing for British Sign Language, as depicted on the Deaf Flag, which represents the global Deaf community.


Individuals or organisations interested in Deaf Awareness training or BSL can access further information at