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Direct Payment support – Nathan’s Journey – Watch his video

Watch Nathan sign his journey here:


In October 2021, Deafness Resource Centre were approached to provide support to a young person through the Direct Payment support scheme delivered by local authorities.

Direct payment support ensures that people can have the kind and amount of support they need to live their lives as fully, as freely, and with as many choices and opportunities as they can. People have more choice; they can have more control because they can, with help and independent guidance, get the kind of support and assistance they need to live their lives.

Nathan wanted more independence and to learn and feel comfortable traveling independently and accessing services and activities. Matching Nathan with the right support workers was essential. As an organisation, we are led by the clients and their needs. After almost two years, Nathan is thriving; his confidence has greatly grown, and he feels more comfortable in different settings. He has achieved so much in such a short space of time and is an excellent role model for young D/deaf people.

Nathan now travels independently to activities, meets friends, and has joined a gym to improve his fitness, strength, and confidence. He is about to start the next chapter in his life by moving to a new college and continuing his studies in IT. Direct payment support can and does change people’s lives.

If you or a family member or friend would like more information about direct payment support through the Deafness Resource Centre, please email: or visit our website to find out more: our Children, Young People and Families page