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Exciting News: St Helens Family Hub Now BSL-Friendly Thanks to DRC!

We are delighted to introduce you to an exciting new initiative that will make a significant impact on the lives of families in St Helens – the introduction of Family Hubs.


Family Hubs are designed to support families with children aged 0-19 and 0-25 with special educational needs – with a specific focus on the first 1001 days (pregnancy to 2 years old).


These hubs will serve as a beacon of support and information, offering a wide range of services and resources to empower parents and caregivers in our community. You will find our first Family Hub in Sutton (formerly Sutton Children’s Centre), and they are working towards creating another two centres in the Borough.


The Deafness Resource Centre is proud to wholeheartedly support the Family Hub initiative. As part of our commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, we have worked diligently to create Deaf-friendly content and British Sign Language (BSL) resources for their website, ensuring that the Family Hub experience is welcoming and accessible to all members of our community.


Introducing Family Hubs

Family Hubs are a community-driven initiative aimed at providing comprehensive support for families with children, with a special focus on the crucial period from pregnancy to a child’s second birthday. They represent a collaborative effort among various partners, including the Deafness Resource Centre, to enhance the well-being of families in St Helens.


Visit the New Family Hub Website

For detailed information about Family Hubs, including their services and offerings, please visit the official website . This website will be an essential resource for families in St Helens seeking support and guidance.


Why Family Hubs Are Important

Family Hubs are vital for our community as they provide a centralized location for a wealth of resources and support. They aim to strengthen families and caregivers, ensuring they have access to the tools and information needed to thrive. By supporting parents during the critical first 1001 days, we can make a lasting positive impact on the lives of children in our community.


Spotlight: “Little Whiz Kids” at Sutton Family Hub

One of the exciting sessions offered at Sutton Family Hub is “Little Whiz Kids,” which has already gained popularity. This engaging program is just one example of the many activities and resources Family Hubs provide to help children develop and learn.


Spread the Word

We encourage you to share this bulletin with the families you work with and anyone within your organisation who should be aware of this new service offering. Together, we can ensure that every family in St Helens benefits from the support provided by Family Hubs.


Formal Launch of Sutton Family Hub

Keep an eye out for an invitation to the formal launch of Sutton Family Hub as you may want to participate in this exciting event.


To visit the new Family Hub website, go to: 


To read the full news bulletin and learn more about Family Hubs, please click here


We are excited about the positive impact that Family Hubs will have on our community. Together, we can build stronger, more empowered families in St Helens.