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In their own words – “How the St Helens Support Group restored my peace”


Living with Tinnitus can be an overwhelming challenge, with the constant noise in one’s head taking a toll on a person’s well-being. Discover how support groups, like the St Helens Tinnitus Support Group, can play a crucial role in alleviating the burden and offering hope to those who share this struggle.  Here’s what a member of the group had to say about their experience.


“In 2022 I started to have a loud buzzing in my ear, my doctor said that I had severe Tinnitus, this made me feel very low with the constant noise in my head, so I decided to look online to see if there was any support available.

I found the Tinnitus Support Group in St Helens and gave them a call. The lady spoke to me for 45mins, and this alone made me feel better as I knew I was not alone.  She told me about the group that runs every month.

I went to the next meeting and found it a huge help, The people that I spoke to were going through the same thing as I was.

 I am so happy that I joined the group just sharing my experience ang getting help and support from people that you don’t really know is a wonderful experience.

One year on, and I can now put the noise to the back of my head and can say its reduced to where I barley notice it.

Thank you to the St Helens Tinnitus support group for giving me my quality of life back”.

If you are living with Tinnitus and would like more information or want to join our Tinnitus Support Groups in St Helens and Halton, then please get in touch.


St Helens

1st Wednesday of every month at Deafness Resource Centre

Angela Edwards for St Helens Groups

Tel: 01744 23887 or Email:


1st Thursday of every month, alternating between Runcorn & Widnes. Please get in touch for dates.

Wendy Edwards for Halton Groups

Tel: 0151 511 8801 or Email:


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