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Deaf Club Train Trip to Liverpool

Some members of our Deaf Club took part in a project to provide Community Rail Lancashire an insight into their experiences whilst travelling by train.

Community Rail Lancashire have published the following article.

“With Northern Seedcorn funding Community Rail Lancashire has been able to take groups of British Sign Language (BSL) users out and about on rail confidence trips. It is important to us that all people are able to experience the joys and ease of travelling by rail and by empowering a small number of BSL users we hope that word gets out and more d/Deaf people become confident rail passengers.

With the support of the Deafness Resource Centre a mixed-aged group of people from the Deaf Community went on a rail experience day to Liverpool. Some of the group were already very confident rail passengers and for others this was their first time on a train. We learnt how to read departure boards, where to go if you have a problem and how to look for visual signs that you are on the right platform and getting on the right train…always preferable!

In Liverpool we headed over the road to the World Museum where we explored space, the deep oceans and dinosaurs before heading to the café for a cuppa and, of course, the gift shop! Everyone was pleased to have a seat on the way back home to relax and have a look out the window.

With thanks to Naomi Webb, Community Team Leader (DRC) for helping to organise the trip.”

The Deafness Resource Centre looks forward to working with Community Rail Lancashire in the future.