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Rick Astley’s Unique Twist on Classic Hit for Hearing Awareness Campaign


Rick Astley, the iconic singer renowned for his timeless hit “Never Gonna Give You Up,” has embarked on a remarkable musical project by reimagining his beloved track with intentionally altered lyrics, all in support of a hearing awareness campaign.

Yet, this initiative isn’t just about singing different lyrics. It carries a profound personal significance for Astley, who recently discovered his own hearing loss. As a testament to his commitment to the cause, he now wears hearing aids, making a poignant statement about the importance of addressing hearing health.

Sharing his experience, Astley revealed,

“I had great fun re-recording the song with Specsavers and discovering the amusing ways people have misheard my song.” This unique endeavour not only showcases Astley’s willingness to participate in a fun and engaging project but also underscores the critical need to raise awareness about hearing loss, which often carries a societal stigma.

Astley’s journey is deeply intertwined with the campaign. He explained that he had begun to notice changes in his own hearing. Upon undergoing a hearing test, the results showed a degree of hearing loss that he had not been fully aware of. This revelation is attributed to his early days as a drummer and his extensive work in the music industry. Consequently, Astley was fitted with his first pair of hearing aids, one was a receiver-in-canal, and the other an invisible-in-canal.

He underscores the individuality of hearing loss, emphasising that it can manifest differently from one person to another. Astley now encourages everyone to proactively seek hearing tests if they notice any changes in their hearing, to ensure they don’t lose the sounds and music they hold dear.

The campaign, in conjunction with Specsavers, conducted a revealing survey that indicated one in three people recognised changes in their hearing over a decade, with a significant 57% doing nothing to address it. Additionally, one in six individuals attributed their misinterpretation of song lyrics to hearing difficulties, with a striking 56% admitting they hadn’t taken any steps to have their hearing checked. These findings further underscore the urgency and importance of campaigns like the one led by Rick Astley and Specsavers, which shed light on the significance of hearing health.

Specsavers audiologist Gurleen Brar, who carried out Astley’s hearing test, said:

Specsavers understands that we all hear differently because we care for more ears across the UK than anyone else.

“We believe that everyone deserves to hear life in their own unique way, and we are determined to help close the 10-year gap that exists currently.

“The quicker we understand the way that we hear, the quicker we can act when we notice changes which will help minimise any long-term impact.”


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