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Wonky Portraits & Wonder Walls! Art Attack at DRC!

Wonky Portraits

DRC employees enthusiastically participated in the “Proud to be Deaf” project led by Wonderarts, where they engaged in crafting their own unique portraits. Using coloured paper, scissors, and glue, they brought their artistic visions to life.

Many DRC staff members showcased their artistic flair and dedicated effort to create their portrait masterpieces. These portraits were showcased alongside those of children and young people during the project’s celebratory event.

Discovering the hidden artistic talents among our staff was a delightful surprise.


Proud to be deaf

WonderArts completed a 10-week project funded by the Lottery Community Fund, with the goal of engaging underrepresented groups.

They reached out to the DRC to gauge interest from our children and young people. WonderArts then conducted a nationwide search for a Deaf artist to serve as a positive role model for the children.

Christopher Sacre was selected and travelled from Kent weekly to lead the project. He established See & Create, a platform for the D/deaf community to express themselves through art. Christopher’s fluency in BSL greatly benefited the participating children and young people.

The resulting mural reflected the thoughts and emotions of D/deaf individuals, the hard of hearing, and Children of Deaf Adults (CODA), who explored their pride in being deaf over the ten-week program. This exploration helped the youth embrace their Deaf identity.

The project concluded with an art exhibition showcasing the children’s work, and the mural was officially unveiled by the Lady Mayor