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British Sign Language Week 2024 – How you can get involved

#SignLanguageWeek #SLW2024


We at Deafness Resource Centre are celebrating and promoting British Sign Language Week 2024 and we hope you will join in on awareness week and celebrate with us too!

The week is organised by the British Deaf Association, which has chosen the theme of ‘Promoting BSL and ISL as indigenous languages of the UK’.

The campaign aims to celebrate and educate about BSL and ISL, to encourage more people to start learning it and preserve BSL and ISL for future generations.  BSL was legally recognised in law by the UK Government on 28th April 2022.  28 April will now be known annually as ‘National BSL Day’.


What can you do?

  • You can come and learn BSL with us at Deafness Resource Centre, we offer fully accredited courses, Level 1 and Level 2, with Signature – Find out more HERE
  • Learn what BSL is and what it means to those who depend upon it: HERE
  • You can ‘Go Blue’ wear Blue T-shirts as recognition of the week
  • You can Download the FREE BDA ToolKit for SLW:  HERE or click on the download assets below
  • If you are a company you can sign up for FREE BSL courses: HERE
  • If you are a primary school you can join in the largest BSL lesson taught throughout the week, and you can sign up HERE



   Download ToolKit Assets    SLW-2024-Assets